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why i have created my own blog?

I am very sensitive fellow and can not tolerate injustice and evil values. This nature of mine force me to protest and raise voice against all these untoward happenings of my beautiful world. Whenever i have spoken, my voice is silenced and lulled; however out of anger i write my  feelings in my diary to share it with like-minded fellows. Now I want to share my feelings with the rest of world and want to collect the maximum support to make my voice well heard. I thought it better to create my own blog and pen down all ills that secretly engulf my living planet. I know my task is very tough as evil is multifaceted and all powerful, yet i am sure my this humble effort may bring me solace and I may proudly enlist myself among those heroes who have wagged war against wrong and evil. I know I lack the power of expression but my motive ll ultimately boast me. My skills might be weak and meager but my morale is high and powerful. I have started this journey as a lonely fellow but I am confident, one day I ll collect a huge voice to support me. I ll try myself to free me of any religious, racial or ethnic bias but ultimately my journey will start from my area, my province sind and my proud country Pakistan in particular and then rest of the world in general. I would like to welcome all suggestions, criticism and appreciation from all of you and will try to correct my faults and mistakes if any.  I invite all of you to share your best ideas and promote love and harmony to make this living happier, prosperous and worth living.


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