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An Appeal to Sindhi Youth

Its really a nice feeling to converse with you. I know you are truly proud of your thousand years history of civilization and your love for your land is unquestionable and without any doubt. Sindh, our motherland has witnessed hundreds of tumultuous events challenging its sovereignty, prosperity and integrity but its proud sons have stood always firm and disciplined . The recent such untoward events took place during the dictatorial eras of Ayoob Khan and General Zia. The forceful imposition of One Unit Scheme over Sindh and the worst vengeance of Zia for MRD, witnessed strong and historic response of Sindhi people as  one nation. These were the bitter times on Sindh when persons with all age groups and social backgrounds including writers, thinkers, intellectuals and even working class protested against tyrannical exploitation of their mother land. Today again we are at the brink of such crisis. When the ruling alliance of the province including PPP and MQM has introduced the worst Peoples Local Government Act 2012, the true lovers of land are all set to oppose this Bill. While the sanctity of Sindh Assembly is held at stake by these so called champions of reconciliation, the intellectuals, writers and the well wishers of the province has registered their resistance and protest over it. 

At this critical juncture of history the role of sindhi youth is very much important and crucial. No struggle can achieve success and prominence if youth of the time show indifference to it. Youth is the major voice of the era and their participation in such struggles win success. The sindhi people has shown great unity by responding positively to the calls of strike by Save Sindh Committee. 

The country is undergoing next elections in few months. I think this is the prime time our youths can act wisely. By using their right of vote judiciously and holding the culprits of this game accountable, can create a sound and reasonable impact on future politics of the province.

We have only one strategy to follow in these elections. To every candidate we have to ask one question only? What was your strategy and response against this bill? If he gives you correct and satisfying reply think for voting him otherwise quite blank refuse him. The so called supporters of the present government try to snatch credit of allocating hundreds of jobs to people. The criteria of these jobs is well known to all educated youths. But if we take their claim for granted it is not any favour on youth. It was their right and can never justify this brutal PG Act 2012. We can not so easily be fooled and taken for granted. We can decide better our plans, future strategy and choices.      


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