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FGEI’s vs Provincial Schools.

Today I got a chance to visit some institutions of FGEI’s in Karachi Region working under the strict security areas of Cants. Its quite difficult for a civilian to visit these institutions freely but my previous experience of being Principal in this organization facilitated me to visit these schools to revive my past and sweet memories. As attached department of Ministry of Defense, FGEI is purely run by a civilian head supervised and guided by in-service army officers. The network of these institutions is spread throughout Pakistanin Cantonment areas. The main governing body is FGEI’s Directorate Rawalpindi which consists of ten Regional Offices. The atmosphere of education in FGEI’s is conducive and productive due to its disciplined administration and strong watch by FGEI’s. Affiliated with Federal Board at SSC level, the teachers in these institutions leave no stone unturned to to produce better results. The Heads of these institutions work diligently to improve their result grades as well as maintain proper utilization of funds. The intake mostly comes from army jawans and JCOs settled in these cantts and require great labour to bring them on academic routes. These Institutions provide complete facilities of co curricular activities and sports, declamation, qirat, Naat and singing competition are regular features fully observed.  

In short these Institutions can be quoted as model examples of public education system contrary to our provincial schools which present dismal picture. Despite of huge public funding and expenditure they present sorry state of affairs in education.Most of these schools are termed as ghost schools where as working schools lack proper teaching atmosphere. No check and balance along with lack of official interest make learners suffer badly and the poor fellows have to pay heavy price. These institutions present the worst examples of corruption, political pressure and bureaucratic failure. Only countful schools at provincial mainstream are spared of these evils and their administrators find it quite difficult to manage.There are many reasons why our provincial schools have gone so low in terms of quality. A comprehensive research is required but I am sure the ultimate solution will lie in proper interest at competent level along with strict vigilance and monitoring. If we want to keep our education system at right track, we must improve our provincial institutions as majority of our under privileged masses seek admission there. If FGEI’s with civilian headship can achieve better results than why not our provincials schools. Lets think over it and try to find suitable answers..     


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