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By-Election in PS-21

PS-21 in district N/ Feroze was announced vacant after disqualification of Dr. Ahmed Ali Shah for having dual nationality. The by Elections were scheduled to be held on 17 Nov. 2012, but were delayed due to Aushora. They were rescheduled on Dec:04, 2012. This constituency with solid base for PPP was this time far from being easy cake to relish with for party. This time PPP managed to select Kandiaro based landlord Syed Sarfraz Hussain Shah as its potential candidate. Sarfraz Shah enjoys better personal influence in kandiaro city because of his simple and easygoing nature. Basically a powerful landlord Sarfraz shah is easy available to all and sundry in Kandiaro whenever approached. (lets see what changes occur in his personality after being elected).  This could have been an easy win for PPP but this time PPP faced serious threat from NPP because of its unambiguous stand against anti-Sind peoples local Govt: Act2012. The result shows the victory of PPP candidate Syed Sasrfraz Shah with 32687 votes against Syed Ibrar Shah’s (Candidate of NPP) votes of 25819 votes. Where as independent candidate Syed Zuhaib Shah managed to grab 8489 votes. Statically its a narrow margin victory for PPP because this seat in past was won by PPP with vast majority. If the independent candidate backed by Syed zafar Ali Shah a belligerent MNA of PPP had joined hands with NPP it could have resulted in averse for PPP. This time PPP had to launch heavy election campaign for her candidate and nearly every minister of this cabinet paid visit to this constituency to garner support. However the margin of victory indicates that the voters of this constituency are angry with the party ans the reason can not be other than anti-sind     peoples local Govt: Act2012. The victory speaks of personal affiliation of Syed Sarfraz Shah with the peoples of this constituency too. In the given scenario of this by-election suggests that in forthcoming general election PPP may lack the popular vote support she enjoyed in past. People of Sind are in very different mood this time and if PPP did not deviate her anti-Sind mood, She may face worst crises in future. At present intoxicated with power PPP leaders are paying no head to peoples will and mood,but very soon they would realize the power of people which the founder of party(PPP) were really proud of. This by-election is also eye opener for those parties who are in alliance against peoples local Govt: Act 2012. In future they must pit a single candidate to win otherwise divided votes may only favour PPP which still enjoys popular support because of Bhutto legacy. In short much awaited by elections in PS 21 are won by PPP cadidate Syed Sarfraz Shah who is supposed to swear in today as MPA.  Congrats a lot Shah Sb and people are waiting for the big promises made during election campaign to be materialized. This may be a new beginning for the people of Kandiaro and we welcome this with much optimism.


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