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Peaceful March a positive sign of mature Democracy

Dr Qadri’s march provoked many political parties and their leaders in Pakistan and they dubbed his actions and demands as unconstitutional and undemocratic. However, despite of having disagreements with Qadri’s demand, we must appreciate his well organized and disciplined protest. Such show of hundreds of thousand people with zero violence, and complete peaceful demonstration is a rare show in our politics in Pakistan which is always marked with loot, plunder, sabotaging and loss to property and life. Qadri proved that masses can be kept calm and under control if trained properly. The participants kept their nerves under tight control despite of rough weather and threats by interior minister. All this floated a positive name of democratic norms in Pakistan.  Qadri also proved that he was not dogmatic or stubborn when he agreed for talks with Government and reached at a final settlement. The change as promised by him was not much possible as he liked but after all he succeeded in mobilizing masses and bringing them to democratic norms.This would be set as standard example in future politics of Pakistan where violence is always deemed as the only way of solution. 


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