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Speech, Our Parents are more caring


Worthy principal, respected teachers, loving and caring parents and my dear fellows,

Its my great pleasure to speak before you and express my feelings about the caring and loving ways of today’s parents.

Mr, President sir,

From biological laws of Inheritance propagated by Mendal to the modern family laws of sociology and family planning, we have witnessed great changes in love and care of parents for their children.

I know being the part of society where only the status –Quo is believed to be the order of the day, my words are hard enough to be digested but I have ample reasons to demonstrate you this fact like Rancho of 3idiots.

Sir, in past, we had fathers like Akbar the Great, who despite of being great sovereign, never fulfilled the wishes of his only Saleem.

Today we have history replete with examples; How Mariyam Shareef won admission in college and what about the daughter of Justice Dogar a well known case of Federal Board.

Mr President,

Today our parents are well educated and well aware than past. Following the rules of Family planning our parents strongly believe in Darwin’s notion of  SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST.

Our parents know that in this fast moving and changing world, Kaplan is not enough to nurture the young souls but every step regardless of its merit and veracity is necessary for growth of new generation.

Dear Fellows,

Today our parents want to materialize their unfulfilled dreams by their children. For example, my father coul not be doctor but he wants to see me at the front seat of medical college.

Mr, President.

I have seen parents spending hours to by second hand books at book shops, in lines at photo state machines and in crowds outside exam centers. I have seen parents talking about future plans of their kids with friends begging every possible help or way out. I have seen parents sacrificing their simple joys for the sake of their children

My dear Friends…

The promising and sky rocketing business of private institutions and coaching centers is sign of our parents love and care for us. The poor suffer like the parents of Raju Rastugi and the elite won prestigious seat like Chamaldas Chanchar.

Mr president,

Today the parents have taken their children as their assets. They try their best to ensure their  harvest in minimum possible years.And this love of parents is greater in our societies than in Europe. See here Bilawal can be Bhutto and Zardari, Moosa Gilani Moonis Illahi Hamxa Shareef are alredy in lime light and in headlines. In India Rahul Gandhi is dubbed as future PM….What else can a poor parent has to offer to the children.


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