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Parting ways is the Phenomenon of life

As the days of parting approach near,

Your separation makes me fear.

I fear the day when we ‘ll part’

The days of pathos and anguish start.

For others it will be only a farewell,

But for me so severe, I can’t tell.

I can’t forget the days with you,

The freshness of which is like morning dew.

Your smile, your words and love I forget not,

The joy and ease which ylour company brought.

I can’t make you to stop and stay with me,

As parting ways is the phenomenon of life.

Note: This beautiful piece of poetry was composed by me, when I was student of Masters in Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. This creation had won me first prize in Poetry Competition at University in 2006. I still remember my elegant walk while recieving this award on Students Gala Night held in University.The Award was given by worthy Vice Chanceloor A. R Malik. It was a memorable Night for me for I collected award in three cata gories viz Poetry, English Speech and Essay Writing.My colleague Sharaf Khokhar had won   Singing Competition. In this way it was infact night of English Department which recieved so many awards in that beautiful event. 



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