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Beauty of Night……By Mike

In the deep calmness of night,

And in the company of stars and moon,

I am all alone thinking about various colours of life.

How peaceful and serene is the beauty of night.

Every one tired of day’s long toil,

sleeps safe and sound.

Visiting the sweet valleys of dreams.

In the entire scenario those, 

Who are deprived of their love,

And whom the beautiful nymph pf sleep,

Like their beloved is unwilling to embrace in her arms.

Come out and enjoy the beuatiful company of stars.

For them the moon is their beloved 

And stars their friends.

They stay out even in frosty nights

And sing sad songs.’

The rustling of leaves add music to it,

And the barking of dogs and howls

Of wild animals is their appreciation.

By Mike 


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