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“The Teacher with Inspiration” by Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar Mike

Bright is the ring of words

When the right man rings them,

Fair the fall of songs

When the singer sings them

Still they are caroled and said

On wings they are carried

After the singer is dead

And the maker buried


                 I was busy in delivering my lecture to future competitive exam aspirants and my cell was continuously vibrating in my pocket. I never attend the call during my lectures and that day was also no exception. After question answer session, I hurried to the office and checked my cell phone with lot of calls and bundles of messages. As usual I checked messages first and the next moment. I realized a painful truth of my life. One of the text read “Brother, we have lost our mentor and father, Sir Ali Nawaz Pirzado is no more with us”,

I had once read, “A good teacher teaches, a better teacher explains, a smart teacher demonstrates but an ideal teacher inspires”. Sir Ali Nawaz fell into the category of ideal teachers. He had inspired hundreds of students to excel in their fields and always remind their guide and mentor. He always advocated running for excellence rather than success. He was not an ordinary teacher to carry out his responsibilities well inside the school premises but his benign attitude always kept him busy in guidance, career counseling and inspiration for his students. Today, when he rests in peace, all his students mourn at this tragic reality of life, for their inspiration of life is far away from them.

            Sir Ali Nawaz Pirzado, a renowned academician who commanded awe and respect for his romance with his profession; served major part of his career at Government High School Kandiaro. At the time of his sad demise, he was sitting acting Head Master of this school. Having degrees of Mathematics and Statistics, he had opted for teaching as a choice profession. He was determined to shape the lot of nation through teaching. He was an avid reader and had good command in all subjects. But he loved to teach English and Mathematics and his students would always miss his unique teaching methodology. He always infused among his students the love for digits and words. At such tender age, this love for digits and words helped them to improve their quantitative and verbal skills.


His love with his students was intimate and beyond any limits. He treated his students as his sons and always took great interest in their affairs. When I was student at university my chairman shocked me when he told that my father had called for my progress. My father was not much interested in my academic pursuit, so later on it was revealed that it was Sir Ali Nawaz who was interested in my progress and of course I was not the only case. In later years he assigned us the task to keep him updated about the progress of other students. Besides such care he used to finance and sponsor needy students.

            When each and every eye was tear-filled at the time of his funeral, we realized how loving, caring, affectionate, generous and benevolent he was with others. Kandiaro has not only lost a great teacher but students have been deprived of a great guide, a loving mentor and a man of letters. His personality and character was unstained and pure, His affairs were smooth and loving. Neither pressure nor greed would deviate him from right path. He was free from servile bands and always led a life of peace and satisfaction. He was a true picture of

“The man of life upright

Whose guiltless heart is free

From all dishonest deeds

Or thoughts of vanity”

            It is learnt that despite of his bad health his romance with profession forced him to attend his job regularly. Till the very end of his life he carried out his professional responsibilities well and on June 01-2013, his health broke down and he was referred to hospital where he breathed his last, leaving thousands of students and lovers mourning. His funeral was attended by hundreds of students, friends, laymen, high ups who were grieved at this colossal loss.

            “This man is freed from servile bands

Of hope to rise, or fear to fall”

            Lord of himself though not of lands

 And having nothing, yet hath all.”



Teachers like Sir Ali Nawaz are the real asset of nation. They burn their lives to enlighten our lives. Now when he is not physically with us, we must continue his mission. We should tread upon his path and be ready to extend our hand of help to everyone in need. I also request the authorities in Education and Literacy Department and Government of Sindh to acknowledge the services of such able and hard working teachers and should award them with recognition and honour.


“Great man is He who works while others sleep

Who dare while others fly.

They build the pillars of nation deep

And light them up to the sky.”



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