People of Sindh witnessed poor governance during last five years with dismal performance and poor law and order situation.  Despite of such massive failure on the part of coalition government, they trusted the same parties again with a hope for better performance this time.  However, this time like old wine in the new bottle, their hopes and wishes for positive change are shattered with the same Chief Minister heading the province.  Expecting any good from this octogenarian Chief Minister is like waiting for the Godot.  The seriousness of matter can be noticed with the failure of consensus on portfolios of ministries.  As a layman, using this forum I request the chairman and Co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party to take notice of this pathetic condition of affairs in the province.  This time the trust of people must not be shattered; for this may not only adversely affect the popularity of the party but the people of province would suffer at the end.  There is little hope of any good but would the party please spare corruption, nepotism, red –tapism and so called reconciliation at the cost of well being of common people?  If unheard or unattended to this general call, I am afraid of reading the name of party in the history books only.



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