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Why this Anti –Americanism?

This is with reference is Dr. Saifur Rehman’s letter of the same topic published on June13 2013 in daily Dawn. There is no denying of the fact that the USA is generous enough in donating millions of dollars to Pakistan but we Pakistanis have paid the heavy price of this generosity. To avenge the death of her 3000 innocent civilians, the USA has caused us to suffer more than 30,000 innocent civilians, fanning extremism, terrorism and fundamentalism here. According is Dr Sb, in the 1980s the USA helped Pakistan and anti-Soviet fighters to liberate Afghanistan. I think it must be corrected as ‘the US used Pakistan to settle her score with the Soviet Union and left Pakistan alone in lurch.” Quoting a declassified CIA intelligence document Dr Sb has perhaps forgotten the reality that during cold war   we stood steadfast with the USA but at the time of crisis or peace the real benefit always went to India. Have we forgotten Civil Nuclear deal between these two countries? And finally while quoting Nixon we must keep the rule of Bush and Obama administration in mind too. Had the USA been our true and time-tested friend Dhakka could have never fallen.

                        Anti American sentiments in Pakistan have solid footings. Even the responsible US officials admit their short comings and concerns regarding this. The need of hour is to reduce these sentiments with practical approaches rather than criticizing the hurt people. We all dully appreciate the efforts taken by the US government to help Pakistan but this anti- Americanism is difficult to fall down till the attacks in our sovereign territories and loss of civilian life in the name of collateral damage continues.





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