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Hay you not come in my life

And had I not given you

All the things that you returned

Today, I come to come to know that

Love and other feelings are really

In fact the games of money

I knew the worth of my gifts

And also about your heights

Yet I don’t know why I was not able

To perceive this long gap

I could not understand that my gifts

Like me were useless and worthless

And your had accepted them only for a while

Just only to avoid hurting my heart

That you return them when well part

I accepted your gifts with sincerity

But could not know what it is?

These were not gifts merely interests

Up to your position and status

Today I come to know that

Money really makes mere go.





When she was not with me

I think I was in search of some one

Who could console, me when I am grieved.

And support me when I am deceived.

With whom I could share my joys

And who could bring me endless happiness

Whose hand I wanted to hold after I stumble

Who could sit with me and ask

How I feel now?

For whom I could endanger my life

And Sacrifice my every possession

Who, rule my mind and heart

And who shape my destiny.

And now when after long and tiresome wait

I have found her and

She is very close to me

I fear her loss

My heart sinks

And eyes dive into deep darkness

With the idea of losing her


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