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                    The month of June is highly eulogized in English poetry and the students of English literature often read lines where the beauty of beloved is metaphorically compared with the month of June. We students of Sindh often laugh at this irony of place and action for June being the toughest and the hottest month in our province especially the upper Sindh. This is the month when the dates are ripened and the temperature soars to about 50 degrees in areas like Larkana, Sukkur and Khairpur. But this month of June has its own significance for the students of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.


                    The final term at the university starts in May and the June brings farewell, separation, seclusion and aloofness. The four year companionship comes to the halt and everyone bids good bye to each other with heavy heart and tear filled eyes. These hard moments are lighted with comments, colour throwing, water slinging and other emotional parties thrown by juniors with best wishes for new challenges of life ahead. The bond cemented during these four years here, is hard to break but every one accepts this reality as “The parting ways is the phenomenon of life”.          


                    I wish all the friends who pass out this year, a shining future and lasting success ahead. Being the alumni of the only University of Upper Sindh , our first priority must be to work for the betterment of common people without any racial prejudices.



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