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Oh! Our dear Alma Mater Good bye,


Oh! Our dear Alma Mater Good bye,

 It is time to leave you now.

Our heart is weary and sad;

We can’t describe we feel how?


We’ll be away from you very soon

And you’ll be for us a distant moon

But we can’t forget your gifts

Especially your hot month of June.


You’ll be always in our dreams

We can’t forget your beautiful gardens

Your buildings and lofty date trees

Even our most dread full wardens


Every department has its attraction

But most beautiful is library corner

We still remember the beauty queen,

Sitting and reading there William Faulkner


Our department is the heart of yours

Though it lacks building so what

Our teachers are your identity

For thee they render services a lot.


Your mornings are beautiful but

Your evening we can’t forget

Full of fresh and fine faces,

Gracing the campus till late sunset.


We wish to thank you for;

Your being kind and sweet to us,

But do stand witness for we

Also never made here any fuss.





We are thankful for your canteen

Though very poor in condition and taste

But we don’t frown at this to you

And are satisfied with your best.


We wish you to grow great

And live years long and long

We promise to forget you not

But will always sing your song.    


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