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Lost in past and thoughts deep,

In a public park sitting alone,

Visiting the world of sweet memories,

Enjoying the music in soft tone,


I could see myself with you,

Roaming in lush green lawns

Near the bank of beautiful river,

With floating flowers and swimming swans


I still remember every word of yours,

Not possible for me to forget.

Soon I found my eyes full of tears,

By remembering the cruel fate


How happy were we both,

Joyous in the company of nature

Dreaming all the happiness of world,

Making sweet plans for future


Our likes and wishes were one

Views identical and thoughts same

You wanted the world of peace

And I, for the end of every foul game


We viewed the world as beautiful

But its dwellers were not good.

They don’t measure with the scale of love

But from our positions where we stood


And in this position we were far,

Quite different from each other

You, parented by renowned family

And I had a poor mother.



For us it meant nothing but,

World does care for such things.

We were so far though united

As a building with separate wings.


I have nothing but your sweet memories

Now to remember and live along

So I love to live in the world of dreams

And silently sing sad songs.


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