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My Vision of democracy A speech by Mike

”I am walking in the roads of poverty

They are too long and ugly too

There I haven’t seen a single smiling face

Their eyes are dim and so deep

There are so many lines from their eyes to cheeks”

Mr. President

Rousseau once wrote “man is born free but he is everywhere in chains”

The dream of human freedom and the ideals of true democratic government seem a far cry even in twenty first century.

Let’s cast a glance on political scenario of our country as a case study.

I see hundreds of innocent people dying in bomb blasts and ruthless target killings.

While travelling on roads we feel insecure and are haunted with the fear of being kidnapped for ransom.

I hear people shouting against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, injustice and insecurity.

All this is common sight in a country where so called democracy is the order of the day.

If this is what a democratic set up offers… hell with it!!!!!!!

Mr. President

We don’t need such a democracy where a group of illiterate, ill bred an ill willed power hungry politicians unite together to play with the fate of nation.

Where merit is murdered….

Where corruption is rampant

And where justice is denied,

Let’s seek this floor to establish a consensus on the vision of democracy…


Man is free to express his ideas and faith.

Where, nobody is arrested for his political or religious beliefs.

Let’s have the true colour of democracy as propagated by Lincoln…

“A form of government of people, by people and far people”

But Mr. President

Do we really think such democracy is possible here in Pakistan???

Where literacy rate is about 50% and where tolerance rate is so low????

Do you think a country may develop a democratic set up, where politics is a power game in the hands of hooligans and corrupt mafia groups?????

Mr. President..

I believe and I am sure you must agree with me that for a true democratic setup, we need proper political awareness. We need strong literacy rate and very powerful system of justice.

Democracy is meant for masses not for power-hungry politicians. My vision of democracy is that

When an ordinary Pakistani’s vote will bring someone in power and may be able to get someone down from power corridors with same power.

My vision of democracy is to see my country self sufficient and well established utilizing our own natural resources, where peace, harmony, tolerance, justice and freedom is worked out without any bias and prejudice.

When we don’t beg like beggars and justify drone attacks in our sovereign territories.

For American alms do not bray
Do not, the people, laugh away
With the democratic struggle do not play
Hold on to freedom, do not cave in

Confiscate the fields from the landowners
Take away the mills from the robbers
Redeem the country from its dark hour

Hold on to freedom, do not cave in

Mr. President

Democracy heralds peace, prosperity, equality and freedom. In a democratic setup The Chief justice of the country does not waste time in hearing cases of missing Persons and Law and order Situation.

In true democratic set up a person with dozens of corruption cases is not elected as a prime minister. In true democratic set up a model dictator is not honoured with Guard of Honour….

Oh my God…..

Where we are heading???? I know my vision of democracy is very bleak and bit utopian. But I am sure if we educated youth of Pakistan unite together and act accordingly, we can materialize this sweet vision of Democracy.

Dear fellows

This dream can come true like Martin Luther’s history making speech “ I Have a Dream”. And if Luther’s dream can be materialized with Obama in White House I am sure My vision of democracy will get popular support to shackle the power corridors of corrupt political system of Pakistan.

Let’s hope for better



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