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Aikta Day Celebrations in Sind

Celebrating Aikta day has become a very important event in Sind. People of Sind unite together to show their love and respect for their nation, centuries-old traditions and proud civilization. The event has become so popular, that its preparations, celebrations awareness walks continue for a whole week till late night without any tinge of fatigue or tiredness. This day creates thrill and lot of enthusiasm among students, senior citizens as well as kids alike. People feel proud in wearing traditional Sindhi Ajrak (a long sheet of cloth printed with beautiful patterns a traditional sindhi attire) and Topi (Cap). The jubilant masses sing traditional Sindhi folk songs, dance on Ho Jamalo (Traditional sindhi song accompanied with traditional dance) and chant loving slogans of Jeay Sind (Long Live Sind) making environment fill with the aroma of patriotism and love of Sindhi culture.


This year, this beautiful event was scheduled on 8th December but the programs continued to entice/ attract masses and raise their enthusiasm throughout whole week. Every Sindhi regardless of age, colour and creed participated in such gatherings and sittings arranged by different institutes, organizations and associations. Sind has worn the beautiful attire of traditional dresses. Every corner of Sind from Karachi to Kashmore and Larkana to Laar and Thar offers the great show of unity, equality, brotherhood, love and peace. Everyone is independent in his/her show of reverence for centuries-old Sindhi civilization. The event is marked with literary sittings, intellectual talks, awareness walks, mass rally, music concerts and poetry reading sessions. Ajraks and Sindhi Topis are gifted and worn by everyone like crowns on their heads.


This day offers us to be united and stand together facing the challenges of modern world. The real message of this Aikta Day is to create awareness among masses especially among educated youth by reminding them our proud past. History stands witness that Sindhis have always remained as a peace loving nation with great tolerance and religious harmony. When the world was at nascent stage of learning the lessons of civilization, Moen-Jo-Daro was much quoted example. People of Sindh never remained oppressors or invaders in history. They never attacked or exploited any other nation of the world. On the other hand, throughout the rough course of History, Sind has faced a number of foreign invasions, attacks, adventures and occupations. Some of these malign invaders on the sovereign land of Sind are: Arabs, Turkhans, Arghoons, Mughals and the British. However, the brave sons of Sind never succumbed to their tyrant wishes and continued heroic struggle to uphold their national identity as well as cultural supremacy. Sindhi language and Sindhi traditions continued to thrive despite of so many challenges posed by foreign tyrants.


After 1947 Sind joined Pakistan following the so called scheme of partition. Since then Sind faces serious problems for her fate being decided by opportunist politicians who are devoid of love for Sind and her culture. Such negligence at the top level pushed Sindhi people into a deep ditch of problems. Sind faces serious crises and identity challenges. Our education system, under the auspices of power hungry political ministers and corrupt bureaucrats is almost at the verge of collapse. In terms of Law and order we stand at the bottom. Our people are not safe even at homes, kidnapping for ransom is out of control. Tribal clashes and evils like honour killings, target killings and ignorance are fanned deliberately by those who are at the helm of affairs.


When such negligence is shown at state level, it becomes the responsibility of individuals to stand against those odds. So people of sindh are united in the guise of Aikta Day to show their anger and disgust against such acts by promoting peaceful and loving culture of Sindh. Which advocates peace, learning, love and tolerance. This is the message of Aikta day and we Sindhis must unite for this beautiful cause.


Long Live Sind


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