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Second Day of Six Days Training Workshop at The Department of English SALU Khairpur

Second Day of Six Days Training Workshop at The Department of English SALU Khairpur


Today was the second day of this workshop and the resource person was same Ms Bushra Khurram from Karachi University. She had won great appraisal yesterday so we were sure of such a wonderful session today too. One of her great quality as a trainer is to maintain the participants’ interest intact and making session living and interesting. She seems good at avoiding distractions and beautifully connects the ideas with her topic.

Today’s session was all about teaching listening and testing listening. In the beginning of session she got our yesterdays feedback and started the session with our idea about listening. As traditional learners we all believed that listening is a passive skill but later on she removed our anomaly by realizing us that this assumption of listening as a passive skill must be corrected. Listening is in fact an active listening and we must differentiate between listening and hearing. Listening and understanding go hand in hand. For teaching listening its necessary to have in mind Schematic Knowledge which involves factual and socio cultural knowledge, Procedural Knowledge i-e how language is used in discourse, Context Knowledge involving  knowledge of situation, physical settings, participants and co-text. Besides Schematic and Procedural knowledge we must have Systemic Knowledge based on Semantic, Syntactic and phonological knowledge.   

We often assume that we are born listeners and very good listeners. However this assumption misleads us and we often perform poor when we are tested in listening. Teacher must plan well how to teach listening in class room and must try to include real life listening situations in classroom. The main purpose of teaching in classroom is not to prepare students for testing but rather for enabling them to face real life challenges and situations.

Meanwhile during Lunch time participants enjoyed good lunch as well as free gossip with each other. The roaring laughter of participants was indicator of their being happy with the session.

After lunch the Group Activities were arranged and that’s what I really enjoyed. I loved the way Madam Bushra divided us in groups. The activities were wonderfully designed and I enjoyed the personally. I was lucky today in being grouped with someone was talk of town yesterday… And lo!!!! See my luck I was placed twice with same company……

Before the Day was called, we were given assignments to be submitted to Madam Bushra via her email.

The day ended with group photo of Participants with Madam Bushra and Chairman Department of English Prof. Dr. G.M Mashori with whose efforts such beautiful workshop is organized.



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