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Third Day of Six Days Teachers Training Workshop at SALU Khairpur.

Today was the third Day of Six Days Teachers Training Workshop at SALU Khairpur. The attendance and the punctuality of participants speak about the success of this workshop. Today’s Resource Person was Dr. Fatah Soomro from Institute of English University of Sind Jamshoro. Dr Fatah has 15 Research Publications to his credit and is a hard working scholar who has travelled a long road of Academic pursuits from Mehran College Pano Aqil to Manchester University U.K. Having Masters Degree in Research Methods from U.K, He was requested by Prof. Dr. G. M Mashori our head, to conduct one extra session on research methods. This was not a part of workshop’s course content but the end of the day that particular session proved to be the most wonderful and productive session, especially for me.

Today I learnt about Action research and its possible classroom or pedagogical applications in the form of Exploratory Practice. Frankly speaking, I never liked Action research for class room situations as I found it bit difficult, time taking and to some extent not ideal in terms of pedagogical pursuits. But Dr. Fatah solved my all problems and confusions by presenting the idea of Exploratory Practice. For Action research we need to use Academic research tools like Questionnaires, Interviews etc. On the other hand, Exploratory Practice involves the use of various class room situations which are next to real life situations. In Exploratory Practice, the practitioner works for understanding, he focuses on understanding of issues through reflection and actions. Furthermore, Exploratory Practice uses normal pedagogic practices as investigative tools that work for understanding.  All this is a part of learning and teaching, not extra to it. Thus, Exploratory Practice integrates routine teaching activities in research.

Dr. Fatah being well aware of socio cultural background of the participants shared a lot of his personal experience in teaching here in Sind and learning there in U.K. All the day, he continued sharing his experiences. All these experiences were worth loving and worth sharing having great lessons and messages behind them. He was easily carried away by the distracters (most of us very smart in this) but his knowledge and content was praiseworthy.

With comparison to Madam Bushra our resource person for last two days, Dr. Fatah was lacking in certain areas like time management and adherence to course content, but at the end of day it was all well because of his expertise and knowledge.

I am enjoying each and every moment of this workshop and believe that it helps me in my professional development as a teacher.  I am anxiously waiting for the practical applications of this learning back to classroom.


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