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Fourth Day of Six Days Training Workshop at the Department of English SALU Khairpur


This wonderful workshop entered into fourth day of its successful journey today. With change of two resource persons in last three days, we were expecting and looking for quite different Resource person today. And in the case of Syed Sohail Ahmed we had today, quite a new person. In terms of knowledge and international exposure, he was no match with madam Bushra and Dr. Fatah but as a trainer he was more interactive with comparison to them.

Syed Sohail Ahmed is a Ph.D scholar with M. Phil in Education. He holds Masters Degrees in Economics and English and is working as a Teacher Trainer. He has 05 research publications to his credit and has worked as resource person in different organizations such as NIM Karachi, AIOU, MEB Nexus etc. As a teacher trainer he covers the areas like Education research, Writing for Publishing, Communication Skills, E- Learning and Leadership Development.

This workshop offers us new opportunities of learning every day. Every resource person brings with him/her a new vista of meaning, learning, information and opportunities. Today we covered two areas s and language skills i-e assessing Speaking skills and assessing Reading Skills. As I have mentioned earlier, today’s resource person was more interactive than our last two trainers, so he engaged participants in designing, discussing, sharing and then presenting different assignments and activities based on speaking and reading skills. His idea of awarding participants the names of their choice based on Adjectives of their choice was really wonderful. I selected “Social” for myself   and at the end of day I became very much popular as Mr. Social rather than with my real name.

Today I learnt another way of making profile of students that Syed Sohail beautifully named as “Briefcase of Information about oneself”. This briefcase of information which consisted of four pockets viz Experience, Concerns, Expectations and Rewards was later displayed on board, shared with participants. This helped us to know each other more easily.

Today we learnt about Extempore, Impromptu and Text-reading speaking skills, along with speaking based on memorization. Another important activity developed by him was engaging students in developing Speaking Skill Presentations. Participants enjoyed these activities and felt much relaxed while performing them. They were then taught how to evaluate, and on the basis of their evaluation one of the groups was awarded first position. Rasheed Soomro the representative of winning group was on cloud nine when he received a rose as a prize.

Today in Lunch break we were served with Biryani my all time favourite….The working tea and cakes served with tea during break are the beautiful things that add charm to this informative and productive workshop. Well Done Department of English.


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