The fifth day of this workshop was marked  with closing ceremony of this workshop for last day “Saturday” being officially off at SALU, could not have been graced with the presence of worthy Vice Chancellor .Today’s resources person was Syed Sohail who conducted his interactive session on “Assessing Writing Skill” . He started with teaching how to write and what to write. Being interested in writing, I actively participated in the session but personally I did not like the idea of following the process of writing I always believed in writing whatever comes in mind i.e free writing. I am of the opinion of writing for writing’s. But today I learnt a great deal about writing. He shared with us a great deal of writing Abstract. This session got mixed response as writing Abstract definitely attracted University teachers and those who were doing M.Phil  but for others , it was too heavy to digest . And thanks God; LatifUniversity had a great show to offer us for University was celebrating “Cultural Day” at the Campus. Students and teacher wearing Sindhi Topi and Ajrak (Traditional Sindhi Dress) were present very nice and worth seeing  look . The Folk sindhi music and Ho-Jamalo were quite enough to attract students to dance and express their love for Sindh and Sindhi Culture. So, during one of activity I silently sneaked out of workshop room and joined those Jubilant Students. It was really a great fun to be their. During tea break most of the participants enjoyed this great show of Sindhi Culture at the campus.

Being Friday , lunch break was scheduled half hour earlier for Jumma prayer. Participants offered Jumma prayer at the campus Mask and then rushed to 16 Suit Guest House where delicious meal was served.

This lunch break followed the closing ceremony of this Sixth Days workshop. My colleague Paras Niaz was assigned the task of comparing. This morning when I asked her about chance of sharing comments their, She disappointed me by telling that my name was not among those who would talk in presence of Vice Chancellor. When I requested her for my entry she beautifully denied by telling that the names had been finalized by Chairman Department of English .At the eleventh hour, how ever, after lunch and  a few moments before the formal proceedings of  closing  ceremony began I was told to share my comments. The closing ceremony was graced with the presence of worthy Vice Chancellor Dr. Parveen Shah who presided over the ceremony, Dr. Sayed Maqbool Shah Dean Faculty of Social Sciences , Dr. Muhammad Yousif Khushk Chairman Department of Urdu, Veteran Professor Dr. Raza Bhatti and Dr.  Taj Lashari. The participants who shared their comments were Rasheed Soomro, Sindhu Mangi , Ibrahim Khokhar and Faiza Channa.. They all thanked HEC for arranging such an important workshop at SALU and Prof: Dr. G.M Mashori for his efforts to make it all possible and successful. There is no doubt that in Dr. Mashori Department of English has found an able, skilled and committed captain who moves the ship in right direction toward academic excellence and success. Dr. Mashori in his keynote speech shed light on the importance of this workshop and emphasized upon the utilization and the sharing of this learning back to classroom level.

Dr.Parveen ShahViceChancellorLatifUniversity Khairpur in her presidential speech congratulated participants for attending this workshop and Dr. Mashori for organizing this event in collaboration with HEC. She had good words of praise for Dr. Mashori who really deserved them. Later on worthy vice chancellor distributed certificates among participants. Later on the participants in the lead of worthy vice Chancellor moved to Video Conferencing Room of University where a live session with HEC representatives at Islamabad was conducted . The two participants Sayed Azhar Shah and Saima Larik shared the comments along with exchange of very nice dialogues between the HEC members and University representatives. Through out the talk it was Professor Dr. Ghullam Mustafa Mashori who won loud applause and encouragement in the form of praise by official and clapping by participants.

In short, it was overall a day for Dr. G.M Mashori. Hats off Sir!!!!!! . At the end it would be great injustice with Paras if I ignore her performance as a compare. Though she is not a professional compare but she performed well. She was very selective and smart in her use of words .Keep it up Paras. Future is yours …..



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