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Last day of Six Days Teachers Training Workshop at SALU.



Yesterday was the last day of Six days teachers Training Workshop at SALU. Dr. M.K Sangi the Director Institute of English Language and Literature, University of Sindh Jamshoro was the resource person. I had a personal attachment with him for his field of expertise being in English Literature. As a humble student of English Literature and budding teachers and scholar in this field, everyone has expertise in this field attracts me. But at the end of session amid a huge round of applause, Dr. Sangi proved to deserve more than that. I have started loving him, and wanted to talk with him personally but unfortunately I could not because he hurried back to Sukkur after conducting his session. Among all resource persons of this workshop Dr. Sangi was more focused, well prepared and sharp-witted scholar with good sense of humour and literary taste. He kept the interest of all participants intact by exploring different opportunity of using literature in Classrooms as a tool of language learning.

He his detailed sessions on literary pedagogy and literary criticism helped us to develop new understanding of literature and its use. I really loved it and I am sure that every body else would have loved it. His session was so interesting and captivating that when lunch and finally the day was called, we wished if the clock could move slow. Though it was the last day and every body wanted to rush back to home but this scholarly talk kept us stuck to our seats.

The best thing of last day of workshop was not only Dr. Sangi but also the delicious “Quroma” which was served to the participants. Besides the Briyani of 3rd Day, Today’s Quoroma was the second best choice of lunch.

In this way this most beautiful, informative and interactive workshop reached to its conclusion. These six days are most beautiful and memorable days of my life in recent past . I got number of good friends and learnt a great deal of understandings, both socially and academically. I dully appreciate the idea of Syed Azhar Shah for making a close group of these participants on internet. Love you Shah Sahb, for such a wonderful idea. At the end, I say every one out there “ I love you all and kindly excuse me if I hurt any body in any way”.


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