The Department of English Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, with the collaboration of HEC Islamabad organized a Six Days Teachers’ Training Workshop on English Language Teaching with the perspective of Testing & Assessment under ELTR program. The workshop which continued for six days from December 09 to December 14, 2013, was focused on Theory & Practice in Testing & Assesment of ELT. The participants belonged to Department of English Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur and college lecturers from affiliated colleges of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Thus, it covered the vast area of upper Sind from Kandiaro to Kashmore and from Larkana to Obauro the border area of Sind and Punjab. The enthusiasm and interest of the participants was evident from their punctuality, regularity and active participation in different group activities. For the heterogeneous participants,         it was a nice opportunity of learning and exposure to new ways, practices & techniques in teaching & testing English. For the majority of participants it was a first opportunity of attending such workshop whereas some were very senior fellows. For this workshop the HEC engaged four important Resource Persons, having vast experience of teaching as well as training. They were full of knowledge, well trained as trainers and academically sound with strong profiles.

Ms.Bushra Khurram, from Karachi university who conducted sessions for first two days, was much focused, well prepared and an ideal person for teacher training program. She is Ph.D Research Scholar with about 60 publications and two books along with number of trainings as a trainer to her credit. Her two days sessions were theory based as well as practical. She was rich in training tools and kept the participants’ interest and participation active and intact. Her topics dealt with Testing, Assessment and Testing listening skills of students. She helped students in removing their anomalies regarding their traditional concepts of testing and assessment. She clearly defined the types, kinds, norms and criteria of Testing and assessment.

The second resource person was Dr.Fatah Soomro from the Institute of English Language and literature, University of Sindh Jamshoro. This young scholar was a sweet amalgamation of local, traditional teacher and rich foreign exposure. He was full of knowledge and rich in experience, who shared number of practical approaches with participants which acted as a source of inspiration and motivation for budding scholars and young teachers. He introduced the idea of exploratory Practice through which regular pedagogical practices can be integrated into research. This Idea was really wonderful and acceptable for majority of participants, as it was quite different from traditional approaches of research. Dr.Fatah with 15 research papers to his credit was very helpful for participants in  providing a very strong of testing with research.




Syed Sohail Ahemd was the third Resource Person of this workshop who conducted sessions for two full days. With 17 of years rich teaching experience and M.Phil in Education, Syed Sohail was the most interactive trainer of this workshop; He knew very well how to engage students in different activities and how to encourage participants. He conduced sessions on speaking skills and writing skills, with reference to testing and assessment. He won appreciation by participants for sharing wonderful resources for teaching English by using internet and other available resources.

It is said that all is well that ends well and this became true for this workshop with Dr.Mohammad Khan  Sangi, Director, Institute of English Language and Literature, University of Sindh Jamshoro being the resource person for the last day of this workshop. Dr.Sangi, the man of literary taste was a wonderful person who won hearts of the audience with his rich knowledge of literature and presentation skills. Though he did not engage students with activities so much with the comparison to other trainers but his presentation, preparation and material selection was worth appreciation. The Participants awarded him with the huge round of applause when he concluded his sessions. He offered new insights in literary learning, literary pedagogy, literary criticism and using literature for research.

This six days workshop was very informative, interactive and useful from participants’ point of view. The Department of English being the second largest department of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur won appreciation from the participants, Higher Education Commission representatives and by worthy Vice Chancellor of the university Prof.Dr.Parveen Shah. The credit for organzing such  a beautiful workshop goes to the energetic, committed and smart Chairman, Department of English, Prof.Dr.Ghulam Mustafa Mashori, who himself is a very good scholar and passionate teacher. One of the positive sign of this workshop was, bringing participants from different parts of upper Sindh and providing them opportunity to sit with university teachers.  The dialogue between them helped them to know each other and share their experience. This workshop is a beginning of wonderful Professional Development Vision of Vice Chancellor and the Chairman Department of English.

During the closing ceremony which was graced with the presence of worthy Vice Chancellor and other learned Scholars, the participants were informed that the university with the full support of the HEC  is looking for organizing such workshops in future too.

During the concluding ceremony Ms.Noor Amna Malik Director General the HEC joined the participants though video conference facility, she interacted personally with the participants, the coordinator and with the Vice Chancellor. She in her brief talk highlighted the importance of such events. Moreover she told the participants comforward with the honest feedback of this event and she ensured that the HEC is trying its best to reach out to all such places & people and with help them in developing their professional competence.

This is the vision of the Department of English, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur in harmony with the vision of the Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur along with Higher Education Commission’s policy of ensuring quality education in Pakistan.


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