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Peace and Harmony (Poem)


 The world is so beautiful

 Full of opportunities and care

But the man has turned it

 Into a dangerous place of nowhere.


 All are equal, we know and believe

 This is the lesson we are taught

But owing to our avarice and greed

We have the history of battles, we fought.


 Man the best of the creatures of God

 Has lowered his status so low

That once the angels prostrated him

Is now ready to give Satan a bow.


 All religions teach love and peace

Preach harmony to mould world better

 But the follower with cheap interpretations

 Have changed it and put in feet fetter.


We kill and fight in the name of

Religion, which was never preached

 And this is the cheap game of man

 Where even the most innocent is deceived.


 Let’s now wake up and listen

Our conscience which loves to live in peace

No to this call may be fatal

 And our existence would be heavy fees.


This is message to masses all and one

 We know no religion other than love

 And this is the message we preach

That man among others is still above.


We cannot be divided into sects

 On the basis of belief and geo boundaries

 There is no need to show hatred

 But we need to promote harmonies.


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