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Why I love Pakistan? A speech written by Muhammad Ibrahim (Mike)

In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful

A beautiful scene of dusk depicts a sweet picture of the universe, when the sun sets, and calm and stillness engulfs the loud voices of the day, I often see the birds returning back to their nests. These tiny creatures, lacking the faculty of reasoning and speech, believe that the best place ever found in the world is home. No matter how far we are from our homes, its necessity never diminishes and

 Mr. President, respectable teachers worthy parents and dear fellows this is the first reason Why I love Pakistan?

Pakistan’s creation was no doubt the finest hour of our history our forefathers who had fought for it envisioned the promise of long cherished freedom, democracy and prosperity. It is the country which was created to work for an ideal democratic state based on social justice as an upholder of human freedom and world peace, in which all citizens were to enjoy equal rights and freedom from fear, want and ignorance.

Dear fellows, Pakistan my homeland is in fact the land of blessings. Its creation speaks its dignity. History teaches us that how much cherished the dream of Pakistan was and how seriously our fathers fought for it .believe me or not, the most significant reason of loving Pakistan is independence movement itself. Just imagine some hundred years back, the books of history are repealed with nasty and gory tails of Hindu mindset and British atrocities. All this reminds me the brutalities of Indians at Kashmir, NATO forces at Afghanistan and Iraq, Israeli aggression in Palestine and I am afraid of the existence in such worsen conditions.

I know very well Mr. President that the shackles of slavery snatch all such all creative facilities and the beautiful world a heaven to breathe in, turns into hell without freedom. By the grace of Allah my country, my love, my homeland offers me to enjoy the open air of independence .Being a student I have surfaced the papers of history to know about the grand sacrifices of my forefathers  and as humble token I express my gratitude to them by proudly announcing in public that Pakistan I love you!!!

Dear Fellows

I know you might wonder that how can I feel proud of saying all this when I clearly know that today we stand at the worst place of history. where we are leveled as a nation of extremists, where David Cameroon, shamelessly terms Pakistan as a heaven and exporter of terrorism, where even Mosques and Imam Bargahs are not safe, where a cricket team instead of playing for the name and honor of the country indulges into match fixing and spot fixing, where courts themselves cry for injustice,

and above all even during the worst crisis of human history in floods; our politicians indulge in blames and corrupt activities. How can one feel proud of being the part of all this?

But Mr. President here I recall and quote Late John F. Canady of United States of America who once said:

“Ask not what America has given to you; just ask what you have done for America?”

And with this spirit today I seek opportunity to invite all my countrymen to love Pakistan and live for Pakistan. Pakistan has given us honor; respect identity and a name now It is time we must return Pakistan our firm believe in its foundations, our unconditional love for its security and above all the supreme spirit of patriotism to up lift its image.

Dear Fellows

This gory, gloomy and dark picture of my mother land never reduces my love for it. It further increases with new spirit and zeal I feel great proud by my nation and love it because despite of all this it stand united, I love Pakistan army for its worth contribution in country’s defense as well as during the disasters. The service rendered by armed forces during recent floods compels me to love them.

I love the innocent, moderate and downtrodden civilians of Pakistan who never give up courage and toil day night for the better image of Pakistan. I love the courts of Pakistan where the courageous chief justice always listen the conscience. And I salute the prime minister and his party for taking all parties together in the critical hours of the country.

Mr. President, I have millions of reasons to prove that why I love Pakistan? But the allotted time compels me to finish this speech, and the last and the most sacred reason I would like to share with you that I love Pakistan because I am a Muslim and my religion has taught me that the love for the motherland is the part an parcel of my faith. In end I would pray all of you to love this country as a blessing of God, stand united, guard its identity and geographical boundaries, work day and night for its better and exalted image,. Live like Ghazis and Shaheens of Iqbal, die like martyrs and when ever listen the best name Pakistan always respond Zindabad. Now say with me PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


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