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27 December Anniversary of Benazir

Today is 27th December and this day reminds us the great martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto who sacrificed her life for democracy and poor masses of Pakistan. How later we exploited her sacrifice for cheap political gains is another story and will be discussed later but today lets pay tribute to this great daughter of the soil who was incarnation of the female heroines of our Great Latif. Benazir literary means matchless and she was really matchless and dauntless. She was a symbol of patriotism, political struggle, democratic ideals and the daughter of Zulfi who loved to be buried in the heart of masses. When she was enjoying peaceful life at exile, it was her love for motherland which attracted her back to home, despite of many threats. Latif had depicted this scene like this in Sur Marui..
If I die longing for native Land,
Take my corpse o Noble! to my milieu,
Let my grave be located: beside kinfolk,
I shall relive; if my remains went to Malir.
The Benazir who returned from her long exile was a metamorphosis of a great political leadership. Her writings and her book Reconciliation suggests that this was not Benazir of 90s. She had learnt great lessons from history and this time she meant to do something special. Her last speeches and her courage during all that period despite of such a heavy blow of October blast demonstrated her new spirit. She was perhaps proving following words of Latif true…
Fetters and shackles; have sapped this mad,
Harassed by Soomros intent; I became skeletal,
Friends! pray so I uphold honour of scarf.
Today when she is eternally rested in lap of her great father along with her courageous brothers, she still symbolises love, peace, democracy and federalism in Pakistan. She has won endless love for herself and is en carved upon the heart of common masses. This cold December is no more a hindrance for her lovers to attend her anniversary. They are gathered at Gadhi Khuda Bux in great number to pay rich homage to this beautiful daughter of East.


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