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Song of Sindh

You have been challenging us
And our silence suggests you that
We are ignorant of your ill schemes,
Mischeivous designs and develish plots…..
You have mistaken our calm and peaceful attitude
As our weakness….
Why do you forget that we are the champions of history
We have sustained and survived the bitterest of the blows
Ere you, were haughty Arabs, Mighty Mughals and Turkhans
All buried in the cementry of Makli, offering a sight of example..
But now the Makli has no more place to accept your sinned souls
So this time we have decided you to throw in South
Where the mighty waves of Indian ocean will take you
To the dirty place of your origin….
Oh you the agent of imperialist and hound of capitalist
The sindh is not a cake to be cut and relished
We know how to safegaurd our motherland 
And will write the new history of the world.
Our proud sons will prove their worth in every battlefield
Such will be its impact that 
Homer would wish to revise his Oddyssy and Illiad
Every great writer of the past would wish to write again
The brave Tale of Sindh.


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