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Fragments on career counselling by me

I have observed students doing miserably in their career planning. In our part of the world this term seems Greek to all graduates. However when they practically enter job market they learn this terminology and then curse us as a Teacher. To some extent they are true and justified. at uni level there must have been such program which we are really lacking. However a university graduate must have a common sense to look for its solution in academic life. He must set a vision and then try to pursue it. Target setting is first step towards success. Most of students set abstract goals and targets without analysing their SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). However goals must be real and concrete. Most of our uni graduates can not even identify the difference between talent and skill. Talent is inborn whereas the skill is learnt and practices.

2. My friends often ask me to share with them short cuts of success in test. I tell them and today share with all of you that there is no short cut to success rather professionally such tactics if any are known as test cracking strategies. Again these strategies are to be followed carefully and require expertise. In my analysis I believe in Score Enhancing tricks. All these things require us to be sincere in our personnel analysis. For example if I can not score more than thirty in a given test out of fifty, I must realise my weakness in that area and should work out solution, instead of blaming fate and cursing test takers. For example, if I am good at English and score less in it than adopting realistic approach I must workout my weaker areas instead of boasting for my talent. I must realise that on the given day despite of all my smartness in the subject I could not prove myself


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