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Farewell Party of MA Final

Attended the beautiful Farewell Party of MA Final students arranged by the students of MA Previous… What a great show it was!!!! Our students are really talented with different skills… Its always love and fun to be the part of parties by the students of literature and this was also one of them. It reminded me the Farewell of my own at this University where Sharaf had made us cry while singing TU KHAN THEENDE DHAR… Oh even the man like Sir F.A Shah was moved…
Today I saw students of MA final holding their hearts courageously and tried to feign boldness and all-easy style but when I peeped inside their heart I saw great love for University, the department and colleagues. Some of them even broke out. Though they were laughing loudly when Naresh was performing segments but even the tone of Naresh suggested that he was not able to bear this separation.
I wish all the passing out fellows of this batch a great success in their life, career and studies. I pray for them and tell them that I really love all of them…
Good luck at the practical journey of life Comrades… Keep it up.


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