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Tomorrow is Farewell party of MA Final students arranged by the students of MA Previous… This reminds me of my final days at the University. We stay in the university for a short period of two years but this small stay brings so many beautiful events, incidents, memories and persons in our life. Even the idea of being away from the beautiful campus breaks the hearts down and we suffer badly. Very soon we will be deprived of all these luxuries, just imagine life without the enthusiastic and encouraging sound of Sir Mukesh, the life shaping pieces of advice by Sir Zafar Shah, inspiring threats of constant struggle by the Chairman..No classes, no points, no cafeteria, no friends, no company no sight of beauty….Believe me its all enough to scare us of the life without university.
Friends I have deep sympathy with you and your ideas. Now you must appreciate and understand the rationale behind my joining this University back by quitting the covetous seat of Section Officer.
But friends, You must remember the last line of my poem “PARTING WAYS IS THE PHENOMENON OF LIFE”. This separation is going to introduce you with the new phase and stage of life. That practical stage awaits you where you have to demonstrate the skills you have learnt here.I wish you all the best for that…. Love you all lets part with a smile….



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