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Life seems confused

Life seems confused, nothing seems worth guiding. I don’t like impasse and this time its like stand stillness. I suffer inside and as if this silence will make me deaf, dumb and turn me mad. I want to cry but I cant. I shouted but was forcefully silenced. I am afraid no body understands me and as if I am a useless person with no vision, no message and no way out. In Literature we curse prince Hamlet for his procrastination but today when I suffer all this myself I feel pity on poor soul of Hamlet. Actually no body can understand the plight of others untill the themselves undergo it.
I need some one to share this grief but then scare with the idea of disturbing others… How badly we need a shoulder to lean against and a soft hand to offer us a tissue to wipe our tears… To be learned and having a passionate sensitive soul is really disturbing. Today I understood the hidden meaning of Terriesas wordd and what Latif meant by saying… ALA DAHI MA THIYAN….


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