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Tips for GAT General

Hi Friends..
From February 25, NTS is going to announce GAT General….
Don’t panic.. Its very easy to crack it. We need to develop love for words and love for digits. For the students of Social science its very easy to qualify this test. But we must not simply believe in qualifying it with the simple score of fifty 50 only.. We need to ensure our best by winning good score. Its quite possible and simple with the simple idea of loving words and digits.
In order to get maximum numbers in Verbal Section our strong Vocabulary with good reading skills will help us to make it possible. All important questions in this section deal with good knowledge of words. Antonyms, Analogy, Sentence completion require good understanding of words. Reading Comprehension is also easy to answer if you have good know-how of words and practice of reading.
For Quantitative Section we must know the worth of digits and simple mathematical operations. One of my teacher suggested me that all these operations work in harmony and we need to consolidate our skills with simple practice and believe me it worked wonders in my case.
As for as Analytical section is concerned, we need to work out all problems in the given blank pages and should make diagrams, charts and divisions by strictly following the given instruction…
I am sure your love for words and digits along with your regular practice for the test will win you good score.
In case of difficulty feel free to contact Mike…


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