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A tribute to a living legend…

Today I was blessed with the best
And had a beautiful sitting with the living legend
what a man he is, with great qualities
A great professor a veteran scholar and a passionate mentor,
He guided thousands with his love and awe
Who in life commanded great honour and respect.
His speech is like a flowing waves of a river
A sort of ocean currents reproducing great melodies.
He roars like a lion and is soft as a kind father
He is icon of wisdom, knowledge and learning.
He has English Literature at his finger tips
But we have often heard him quoting all eastern and western philosophers.
He is matchless, dauntless and fearless with love for goodness.
The art of living with constant struggle is taught by him.
He taught us all the arts of peaceful life
And moulded our simple ways into integrated skills.
In life we ll find great teachers for there is no dearth of talent
But I proudly announce no one will reach the heights of greatness
My Loving mentor Sir Farzand Shah has attained.
Spent beautiful, blessed and inspiring hours of my life with this great scholar today…


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