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A simple message to out going students….

Hi Dear Friends of MA Final and BS IV

I have a very good idea for you guys,
You have spent beautiful days at this university and with my personnel experience I can surely say that you will never be able to forget this beautiful campus. however you can make it more memorable and unforgettable. 

See, you guys need to collect some fund not more than simply about Rs 100 each, then we will talk with the Director Herbarium and Botanical garden Salu, to arrange a small space for you where you can plant a big tree along with seasonal flowers having name plate of your class and academic session. They will take care of that plant and when ever you visit this campus you can see your tree growing great. It will be your practical contribution to this University as well as to the environment too.
That tree will grow just to consolidate your attachment with this campus. Just imagine, you would be visiting this University after a long gap with your spouses, kids and even friends, your own tree would be there to welcome you..
I need your cooperation and response.
We can make things better. Change and revolutions start from the self. 

You can simply do three things to make your existence bit valuable untill you practically contribute some thing positive at large scale. 
1. Plant a tree in your home, workplace, or in any public park. 
2. At least teach one soul how to read and write and then guide him to be independent.
3. Write and share your good experience with others. Pave way for others..
I am sure these three simple but very important roles will revolutionise our society. 

See, you both are about hundred in number, Hundred tree are to be planted, hundred new learners are to be taught. This chain of yours will multiply. 

If agree with my plan do contact me if not discard it as a useless thing.
Yours Ever
Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar


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