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Melancholic flight of mood…

Had I been a Faustus for few hours
I might have cut a good deal with Lucifer.
I had ordained him to bring her to me 
And have shown Helen her art of cooking.

I really love to enjoy the delicious meal cooked by her
Even the Lucifer could have starved to eat it again.
I might have told him how do I suffer,
When she is not with me and I suffer great pain…

I love eating visiting loftiest towers of the world
All the way long she might have been with me
At the end of my tour I would have landed in Waziristan
Where the Lucifer had even ran away to see…

Hundreds of Lucifers like him along with his agents…
In different uniforms with beards and even shaven faces
Some are mullahs and others have American traces…


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