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Rain Poem 2


How weather has deceived today,

Clouds have appeared from nowhere

It rains suddenly, we need to take care.


I was one not surprised at this great surprise

For my beloved often changes much like that

I am afraid as if the weather has following her track..


She is sometimes too cold like a winter

All of sudden gets angry and offers the heat of June

But then she smiles with the softness of full moon


When she is happy she rains like today

In autumn even she brings the freshness of spring

Her anger is furious and quick like a scorpion sting.


I am ready to suffer all this for I love her

She also loves me a lot, it’s a proven fact I know

She has moulded my spirit and helped me to grow.


Whatever I am, is the result of her love

She rules my physique and even my mind

She has taught me to be gentle and kind…




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