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Visit to the court of love….

I visited once the court of love,

Where, she was the crowned queen.

Sitting on the raised throne I saw,

A unique show where I had never been.


Hundreds of damsels stood there with their,

Heads bowed down in respect and awe.

All offering the heart-captivating beauty,

Which in my life, I never saw.


She sitting with legs stride and a hand raised,

Spoke in the melodious sound in pattern of nature

I smelled the fragrance of hundreds of jasmines,

It was in my life the only inspiring gesture.


She was presented with the rubies and other gems

In the golden pots decorated in velvet cloth

She took her handful and then threw them

As ordinary, worthless and useless odds.


In the corner stood the valiant guards,

Vigil with weapons ready to guard her grace

I saw nobles sitting their in their ranks

In the ranking of obedience for her fair face.


The red carpet down was softer than

The real patches of the Australian grass

The white lilies decorated on its print

Were like in the mode of their heads toss.


Such splendor was never seen by me so,

I felt bit hesitant and confused a lot

But the shine in her eyes reminded me of love

That only this is the beauty I often sought.


My presence offended many and they got angry

Look infuriated as if to kill me that moment

But she with broad smile welcomed me

And it eased all my pain and the torment.


She pointed her index to command me

And in the royal walk I gallantly approached her

Her gaze captivated me till the last end

When one of the damsels reckoned me oh Sir! Oh Sir!!


Oh! I was to kiss her soft lips but

Unfortunately woke up with this sudden call

I returned back to the world of reality

As if I got from Niagara a free fall.



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