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Short Story on Women’s Day By Ibrahim

Mrs Naila was the leading business tycoon of the city. Besides this she was a leading social activist with strong voice for feminism. She was ray of hope for all girls of the city and was even idolized. She loved encouraging young girls to strive for their rights and break all shackles of inequality, gender discrimination, women harassment and all the like themes. She was so strong in her point of view that she even got divorce from Seth Suleman who was the most successful business tycoon of the city and enjoyed repute in foreign countries too. But Naila was not an ordinary women. She was symbol of courage and paragon of beauty with strong commitment for the women rights. She invested all the wealth received from seth Suleman in this great cause. 
Today was again 8th March and as usual dressed in all her best attire she was all set to inaugurate women’s day program in the local Hotel. This program was attended by all the dignitaries, business tycoons, political leaders, media persons and all successful entities from the civil societies. Naila was accompanied with the group of young damsels who could attract even octogenarian male chauvinists to bow down. 
She inaugurated the session and after her spirited welcome speech in which she fleeced male chauvinistic attitude of modern men and in which she encouraged young dtudents to muster up all courage to shed off their weakness and face all odds like her with smiling face she went to the retiring room to get fresh.

She found there veteran politician of the area in her wait.
” Naila you are impossible. Again you chastised all men with such a courage and vibrant sound” He said while taking hold of her fine smooth arm.
“Sarkar!!”, she often called him with this title, ” All this is possible because of your generosity, love affection and care. Otherwise you know this Naila well. Had you not supported me after Seth sb I could have collapsed down to nothingness” She uttered this with a broad smile on her face while getting close to Sarkar!!!!!
Sarkar” Darling you have all the guts to captivate such tender hearts and here see I have brought this handsome package for you and your girls.” He hands over her a white file with Government embossed upon it.
This project is extendable for next year too provided that I am given due commission for it. And Naila your last time commission was unattractive and she stabbed her self. That could have created lot of fuss for me but thanks God to these target killings and bomb blasts I safely got her corpse remove”
Naila with her curve further opened bowed upon Sarkar cupping her face with killing kiss said….” I am Shorry sarkar for that stupid girl. This time you can enjoy a fresh University Graduate who is trend well to serve you. and I am joining you later with her for now I have to receive my Life achievement award for women rights”
The compare was announcing.
” She is the icon of bravery and feminisim. She has devoted all her life for this great cause and works day and night for destitute women. We welcome her with great love and respect to collect her Shield for Life Achievement Award on women issues……..



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