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Women’s Day Poetry (8th March)

Since centuries they are tormented,
Burnt alive, dealt brutally and treated ill.
They are only taken as a source of pleasure,
Lifeless entities who never enjoyed their will.

The time changed by and we became modern
But all the atrocities against them are same.
We continue to torture her in innovative ways
And by doing this we never fell any shame…

Human psyche differs from nation to nation
But everywhere she is the symbol of pain.
We maltreat her in different ways 
And have taken her as the source of gain..

All religions, philosophies teach her respect,
She is the icon of great awe and grace
In practice weep keep her the last priority
Enjoy her half-naked and then burn her face

She is only for sensuous pleasure nothing more
In civilised societies she serves in bars and pubs
In East she is only the ladder of success
Killed for honour and thrown in vulgarity hubs…

Her sorrows are endless, pain knows no boundaries,
She is courageous, and bears this with weak physique.
She is icon of modesty, love, tolerance and greatness
Her endurance can not be measured by any critique

She is loving in all entities and relations.
She is mother, sister and darling daughter.
As a wife, mistress and love she attracts a lot
Always stands with you even lead her to slaughter.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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