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Bring me medicine…

Bring me the medicine to heal my heart,
And cure my wounds for fresh start
Of life that is now destroyed and doomed
I am left lonely and all goodness have gloomed.

All sages and philosophers have denied me
Simply because I am hurt by none but she
Whom I loved like a goddess supreme to all
And none else but she has pushed me to fall.

In her absence I find solace in smoking and wine,
Drugs that soothe others could not make me fine .
Hashish to marijuana, I took heavy doze of Daize pam
Alas!!! none helped me to find peace and calm.

She threatens me in her favourite dress red
And then turns her veiled face away to fade
All the colourful and sweet emotions of my self
To turn my valuable being into a worthless elf.

You see me smiling but inside I am torn.
So burdened that feel as if had never born.
I repent all my heedlessness towards others advice
And my lamentation match to Faustus’ final cries….
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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