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Short Story…2

Short Story By Mohammad Ibrahim

“Lets go to enjoy something on this out let”… “They offer the best of fast food in the city”…Mom led the kids to KFC.
“What would you like to take Adil????” Mom asked kids while placing her order.
Aliya liked new arrival of burger with one jar of cubes….

“Mom I will just have a simple Burger nothing more… I feel like stomach filled. I am not hungry any more” Adil replied placidly while his eyes fixed on a big LCD screen on the wall..

“Why Adil are you ok???? is every thing fine with you????”

Mom looked worried. She knew Adil love fast food a lot and KFC is his favourite place to be for eating. He is bit crazy about KFC… Even back to village he often takes his uncle to long way to Sukkuir to enjoy KFC, however today his attitude was bit odd.

It was a matter of great concern for Saiqa who loved her children a lot…

Adil simply pointed out to the big LCD Screen where the newscaster was reading about the death of dozens of innocent children who died of starvation owing to the worst drought in Thar and all the philanthropists were appealed to contribute generously for this great cause…..


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