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Sweet Valley of dreams…

She had promised me to bless me 
With her presence in the sweet valley of dreams
But unfortunately I could not find her there…. 
In her long wait I wandered lonely
And solitude was my friend even though
The beautiful nymphs offered me their company… 
It was only for her I slept earlier 
And cut all my assignments short
But as if she loves to tease me
And enjoys my longing for her,
This torment takes my life out
And I wish to see her once,
But physically all this seems difficult
So we had decided to see each other
In the sweet valley of dreams. 
Where no body disturbs us
And where we feel free in the company of 
Blossoming flowers, shining stars and cold breeze
Where we drink the water of purity running in streams
Where the rubies and diamonds scatter like dew drops…
Everything is fine when she is near
Even the hardships wear the soft veil
And She becomes mine and I be hers…
But unfortunately we could not make it today…
As if she has spent sleepless night..
She might be turning sides to be there
Where I could not even enjoy the sleep without her….

Mohammad Ibrahim…


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