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Life is integrated with losing…

My life is integrated with losing,
My childhood, my old friends, my old home, my sweet school days, those cricket matches with tennis ball, sitting in hotels to enjoy tea and new Bollywood, college recreations and all the beautiful things I had lost to attain this status. So if I loose anything now, I don’t get scared. Because I have learnt that I only get something new when I lose old one. Its like a glass full of water. You can not add anything in it unless you empty it. 
So sweetheart if you think that by parting your ways like this, I’ll reduce to nothing or come to standstill, can be you line of thinking.
For me it will bring a few torturous days with lot of learning and integration. The life never stopped when I lost those who brought me in this world so how it can be in your case….. 
Enjoy your independence and let me live with peace…..
(Written for one of my sweet student who got bit emotional on the universal theme of separation….. )


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