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Viva Voice

I felt really odd in the given situation where I saw students feeling fear to face their teachers. Most of them knew answers and could have performed well out of the controlled context of Via Voice. They seemed to lack confidence and danced in their shoes. Their legs were vibrating and they were doodling their hands. I am sure if checked, their heart beat was bit faster than usual. They were nervous showing anxiety and fear. Personally knowing some of them well, I have found the very good speakers with creative and rich innovative ideas but they all disappointed today.
Why this happens???
Who is responsible for this odd behaviour. No doubt students themselves. But let me examine this beyond this level. I personally myself as a teacher responsible for it. We never let students practice answering questions like that. Most of the time our classes are one man show with teacher dominating with his lecture providing very little chances to students to speak in the class. We often ignore the worth of important points to share with students. We could have guided him simply well that such questions can be raised during viva voice. 
Students were confused in ideas and most of the time mixed up things ridiculously. When their attention was drawn to their problems, they later on cleared the things. It shows that, they knew it but owing to unseen fear, lack of practice for asking questions and lack of confidence they could not present themselves well.


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