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Let us grows…..

Let us grow trees,
So their number increase.
To avoid global warming,
To meet nature’s warning.
All will end one day,
If we ignore this say.
The world will either freeze,
Or temperature will increase.
The Kyoto Protocol cries out,
To cut Carbon Di Oxide amount.
Unfortunately we are careless,
To its consequences, heedless.
This heralds miseries untold
The torture will slowly unfold.
Our existence will be at stake
The earth to prehistoric age back.
No one, no living will survive,
All will be fantasy that is life.
So let’s join to save earth,
That is our duty for our birth.
One man, one tree is our goal
This is struggle to save our soul.
Let us pledge One tree more
In home, parks, deserts and shore.
Let us bring our forests back 
For our own existence sake.
Trees add to life a beauty,
To grow them is our moral duty.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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