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Let’s grow trees…

The earth faces challenges a lot,
We all need to look for their solution.
Let us join hands against pollution.

Pollution is but a man made problem,
And it needs our commitment to fight
With it our “Being” is bleak or bright.

The temperature soars so high that 
We face serious global warming
By recklessly ignoring nature’s warning

If not checked at this stage 
It will bring ruin,hurricans and draught.
Worst than the battles man has fought.

It is every body’s responsibility,
All nations must respect kyoto protocol.
Its serious and threatens humanity as a whole.

The simplest solution lies in growing trees
” One man one tree” is a slogan to follow
The tree grown will carbon di oxide swallow.

We recklessly cut our forests and suffer
Let’s pledge to correct mistakes of past
By growing trees and taking action fast.

I have decided to plant a tree today
What are you waiting for join me to say
“We adhere to this promise” on this forest day.

I salute the SLUBGH team for this event
Who taught me the importance of growing tree
By joining them i feel myself relieved and free.


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