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Nap in your lap…

Thy smile brings me bliss
And I long for a little kiss.

So sweet and sonorous sound
Thy eyes offer me love profound.

Long neck symbolises loftiness
White palm signifies your softness.

Oh!!! sweet is mole on thy chin
To deny thy beauty is a great sin.

You caress me with fingers soft
I am spellbound like a witchcraft.

Your touch opens me new world
And I am captive of your hair curled.

I recall fragrance of your spray
Though we are many miles away.

I close my eyes to fell you near
For thee I have lost my slumber

Ah!!! I see our arms fold
We walked together as bold.

We feared none and loved lot
All this ton us happiness brought.

Let me seek refuge in your lap
And allow me to take little nap.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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