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The pangs of separation…

Had I ever realised 
The pangs of separation,
I had never let you go
Must have hold your hand fast
And had never said you no.

All is not the same
The things look different 
Without you life is dross.
It is turbulent river of grief
Now I am alone to cross.

Nothing attracts for
Everything has lost charm.
The spring is autumn like.
All flowers lack fragrance
My existence have got strike.

I can’t enjoy even
The boisterous laugh.
Walk with concocted smile
Heavy is the burden of being
And I feel myself fragile.

I pray thee to return
Back and make my life
Full of meaning and worth.
And if not then I repent
Why do I got birth.

This time I ll hold 
You fast and never let
You go away from me.
And if I ll be asked to seek
I ll always take name of thee…
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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