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Voice of Sindh can never be suppressed…

We are tried of all such trials,
Have gone through these ordeals,
The history itself stands our witness
Sindh’s voice can nobody suppress.

We prefer heads cut but never bow,
Loving Sindhi never hatred seeds grow.
We believe in the idea of equality
Never are marred with the stains of cruelty.

Invaders, looters, extortionists we are not
Against the aggression we have always fought
Of all oppression we responded with peace
All odds we have faced with calm and ease.

We are always ill treated and teased
We triumphed but our enemy’s existence ceased
All our tormentors are in Makli buried..
At this all the tyrants are worried.

Murders, killings, tortures never us harass,
All this is human rights violation gross.
Our struggle of identity can not be suppressed
Love of son for mother is never compressed.

You will kill one two others will rise,
All sons respond when the mother cries.
Try not to arouse our anger altogether,
Who will face? when we all gather.

Our soil is ours, it is our right
For the motherland we love to fight
Your coward attempts will never us discourage.
We ll continue and never succumb at any stage.

By Mohammad Ibrahim


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