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Feeling guilty

I feel guilty of wasting my time,
In vain pursuits, useless efforts
I could have passed it other way
In working for humanity just say.

I feel as if I am a selfish guy
Only looking for personal gains
I could have passed my life better
If I had pursued such goals greater.

I could never bring ease in life
Of my fellows other than me.
Now at this last hour I repent
And just take myself a vicious serpent.

I am left with very little choice
To add any grace to my life.
I have decided to devote it for others
My kinsmen, countrymen and neighbors.

How better had it been if I had,
Thought of it in my early days.
Today I had felt my self contended, relieved
Alas I never thought and was deceived.

I have decided to teach one guy
To continue this march of light
I can not change the world altogether
But am sure this little effort is better.

I request all of you to give
Your life a meaning and purpose
This march of enlightenment needs continuity
Living not for self but for others is our duty.
By Mohammad Ibrahim


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